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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vicious Circle Of Insult

Oh boy, I can feel it, that old familiar feeling rising up inside. I'm bruisin' for a fight...well, sort of. My blood is still up a bit about all the irrational BS that gets spread around these days, especially politically. Yesterday I shared some of my dismay and frustration in a post called Tired Of It All... I suggest reading that previous post before launching into to this one simply because this one continues in a similar train of thought...they piggy-back each other.

I am getting really sick and tired of the current social and political climate in our country because for all the so-called passion and caring, what is getting accomplished? Absolutely nothing...

When all we do is criticize, tear down and insult..we build insurmountable walls that prevent real dialog from occurring. And if no true dialog happens, nothing can get becomes a vicious circle of insult like we experience daily on talk radio and nightly on Fox News and MSNBC and others.

I realize that all I am doing is talking as well but any positive change that takes place must first be a change of heart, occurring in each and every person. I strongly feel that we need to follow that change of heart by starting to think about all of these issues for ourselves instead of listening to what the pundits on TV tell us to think. The TV Talk Gods are just trying to stir up emotions so they can sell stuff. Obviously they want to sell commercials since TV is a BUSINESS and there are Millions of dollars to be made. And the second thing they are selling is their point of view because if they can get people to watch and listen...well that is a way of achieving power and control. And let's face facts folks, power and control is what politics today are all about. Honestly it is what politics have always been about: seizing power and maintaining it. Solving the countries problems really doesn't have that much to do with it unless they can use the "change" to grab more power and control.

A cynical point of view from old thormoo? Perhaps it is cynical but it's reality. That is the deck we are playing cards with in this world today so come on people, let's play it. The only thing that can possibly change this system of Power Grabbing and Control is the people thinking for themselves.

Frankly I think that a big part of the solution is a fairly simple one to achieve: As far as I know, the people of America all still have a brain (I realize some people will dispute this) my suggestion really is quite simple, use it! Start using the BRAIN that you already have, that is what it's there for. I suggest we start thinking about issues for ourselves instead of letting the Cable News Channel's do it for us. I really believe if we as individuals start thinking (and voting) on our own, without regard for party, popularity and ignoring the demagoguery on TV...we may be surprised by what we find, by what WE can achieve.

Again, some will claim I'm over-simplifying this whole situation, perhaps I am but what have we got to lose? The current "way" is failing...All we do today in politics is one side insults it's opponent enough to make them look bad enough so they can gain power and the control that comes with it. That folks is the goal of every political party, certainly the two major parties in this country. We really need to stop listening to all the rhetoric and think for ourselves...That is my suggestion this morning, simple or otherwise.

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  1. Politics frustrate me and are bad for the sense of hopelessness that depression already has me saddled with. That said, my boyfriend Chris is a mini political scientist. He's an avid reader and current events watcher. You should check his block. You'll either love it or hate it depending on your views. But he is well read enough to back up his point. Gotta respect that. His blog is