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Thursday, May 12, 2011

30 Days In the Nut Case Hotel

Hot weather in southern lower Michigan and I for one am reveling in the fact that I worked up a sweat taking a walk this morning...while it was still cool. The dock is in, the boat is being serviced and will be delivered tomorrow. We need to get the jet ski out, charge the battery and then we are ready rock n roll so bring on the juicy waves dude.

In the psych world (remember I spent several weeks in a psych Hos[ital for attempted suicide so I think I'm an expert now though SUNNY problem would buy my line of sh*t!) the popular "catch all" phrase is Bi-Polar and I'm wondering like, "who isn't Bi-Polar. It just means someone is moody basically.

Now I'm kidding of course so before I piss of all the psychologists and psychiatrists reading please understand I'm having a bit of sarcastic fun at your expense. I was treated very well in the hospital, I was a very sick guy and I had a difficult diagnosis because the alcoholism/addiction stuff really muddied the waters and made it quite hard to tell what was really going on w/me...

But everybody on my in the psych ward had bi-polar as part of their diagnosis so it became kind of a joke. Jeez we were a bunch of idiots in there and the inmates really did run that asylum. I still had credit cards w/no limit then so I was ordering pizza for the 12 of us in that wing every single night. i put on 20 lbs in 3 weeks in that place. Of course I was emaciated when they brought me in at 6'1" and 139 lbs...that's a whopping 65 lbs less then I weigh today.

I literally had been starving myself on the Cocaine, Vodka and Health Ice Cream Bar diet for the past 9 months. Oh yea, once in awhile I'd put a splash of Crabapple or OJ in my drink so Iwas getting some Vit C!

Wow, this is one freaking disoriented post, eh?! I like 'em like that sometimes, they are kind of goofy and that is the way i'm feeling this afternoon and that is what got me thinking about Bi-Polar. Why? because my mood has been peak then valley then peak then valley all day long today...

And that reminded me of the bi-polar diagnosis I received for my stay in the Nut Case i'm not going to start going into details about my stay in the psych ward but I realize that my readership deserves a full length post on the topic so I will do that here in the next few days.

I also am on having a few guest bloggers write a post or possibly a small series of posts, focusing on the friends and family members of alcoholic/addicts and what hell they had to go through during our active addictions. So stay tuned for that. Oh and I will add to any reader out there, if you have a story of alcoholism/addiction whether it is your own or a family member or friend, let me know. I'll post as many as i get as long as they are true stories and relevant to the subject.

OK, I think I've crammed enough stuff into a post that I initially had no idea I was going to write...funny how that happens!