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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Red Wings ROCK!

It's been quite awhile since you have seen a sports post here on Shell Shock Serenade but you're gonna see one tonight. The Detroit Red Wings are absolutely on freaking FIRE right now. Man they looked like a beaten team after losing the first 3 games of this series to the San Jose Sharks but now the have run off 3 straight victories and just now tied the series at 3 sending it to a decisive game 7 on Thursday night out in San Jose.

I like their chances. They really have come together as a unified team and nothing San Jose has been able to do in the last 3 games has gotten them down, including taking the lead in this game 1-0 with 12 minutes left in the game. For 3-4 minutes it looked like maybe Detroit had run out of answers then KA-BOOM! They get two straight goals and hold hold the Sharks furious attempts to get a goal. San Jose turns the puck over at Detroit's Blue Line and Zetterberg hits an empty netter to ice the game.

What a game, what a series and yea, what an awesome comeback by the boys from Detroit. Jeez, I'm whooped! I feel like I played in the darn game!

So now it comes down to game 7 on Thursday and I really think Detroit has the advantage. Sure they are on the road but this is a very experienced team and I think momentum is definitely with them. regardless of what the Sharks players and coaches are going to say, they have to be dis-heartened by losing three straight games. the just can't put these Red Boys away and if they fail again Thursday (I think they will) then they can start their summer and the Wings will move on.

Let's go boys! One more, come on Detroit!