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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Assessment Of Sorts...

Good news from the Doc visit this morning...everything looks really good and I can pretty much eat anything except really hard bread, steak, big chunks of stuff but I'm OK with most food as long as I eat slowly (which will take some changing on my part, I'm a very fast eater) and really chew my food well. I can exercise at will, just no heavy lift or twisting the surgical area of my body too much. Two weeks and I can play a little of my "D-G". That stands for Disability Golf, which is what I call the golf game I can physically play, it's very short, I play with a cart and pretty much only at the course on the island where I am a member and play play 3 or 4 holes then quit. Sounds weird, I know but I enjoy it!

So with that good news from the Doc I feel like I can turn a corner here and look down the road a bit at what's next. I'm still not sure how I feel about back surgery. I do think I'd like to wait until late October I think before I get it done. I'd like to live a little.

I recently got involved a bit with a faith based recovery program called Celebrate Recovery (CR) which is something completely new for me. I enjoyed it though my exposure has only been very limited at this point. I've always felt it is important to go where the alcoholic/addict is. If a person is a Christian then it makes sense that they probably would feel more comfortable seeking and attending a faith based recovery program. But CR is certainly not limited to Christians, anyone can attend.

Another unique aspect of CR is that it is about RECOVERY, not just from addiction but from anything. Sex Addiction, Over-Eating, Co-Dependency, Crime, Depression...anything that a human being can be suffering from. It is a program based on the 12 steps of Alcoholics anonymous and really strives to provide not only a place to learn to stop those behaviors that are hurting you, but give you a way of life to actively live and recover from them. It's a pretty cool deal as far as I'm concerned.

Some folks really shy away from spiritual things and you have to approach them in a different way. That was very much the way I was when I first got sober. I didn't trust anything or anyone really, especially groups of people where I perceived them to be telling me what to do...I think this program has some really positive stuff to offer and I'm considering giving some time to it's new local chapter this summer.

I originally had some plans to drive down to Greenville SC the first week of June to see my daughter, her husband and my grandson's. I'd really like to do that but $$ is an issue and with all the medical expenses, I am having a hard time seeing how I can do it. But the plans still stand and I'll see what happens.

I am really just looking forward to summer. Why not, I live on an island! I'm surrounded by water, we have a boat that is just waiting to be used, a jet ski and there is a golf course across the friggin' street. It will be the first time in a decade that I can just approach a summer and think about enjoying my family and myself. My health is better, both of my parents are doing well, my kids are good and my sis's family is awesome too. I'm fortunate to be alive and really blessed man, to be here.

I have also given a bit of thought to perhaps writing a "Alkies Memoir" of sorts. Put some of my experiences in life, the addiction, growing up in the 60's, sexual assault and just trying to put that story down in some readable fashion. I have always been extremely intimidated by that notion. Yet I have had a secret advocate for a long time and she has really encouraged me to try. The fact that she is an author in her own right and an excellent editor of written work who has offered to help me through it so that gives me the courage to try. I may start that project this summer as well and if not then, when I'm recovering from back surgery.

I also have harbored the notion of writing a Great War Novel..some of my earliest posts here were little snippets of excerpts from that hastily conceived project. Perhaps it is never to late to become rich and famous, haha! As a young singer in rock bands in high school I always wanted to be Steven Tyler, lead singer from Aerosmith. Problem was I couldn't sing that well.

So this summer holds many possibilities for me and getting this stomach fixed was a wonderful way to kick start it. I feel reasonably good, considering a week ago I had my stomach operated on. I am hopeful, energetic and excited by my new commitment to my faith, which I never ever believed could happen to me. So it's exciting.

I know this was kind of a chatty and civilized post after throwing a bit of flame in the previous few entries to this blog but hey, I definitely am diversified!

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  1. "Chatty and civilized post..." I chuckled at that. Sounds like you are at and in a good place.