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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hot Dogs For Beakfast

Nothing satisfy's like a hot dog...whether at home for lunch off the grill, at the ball park or perhaps just snagging a Nathan's street dog from a cart in Manhattan. And I'm not picky really about my dogs is good, I like kosher dog's yet for me they aren't a requirement. And though I don't mind different kinds, I tend to shy away from the fancy "all beef' or turkey franks. Naw, just give me a plain old dog.
I do prefer that they sort of fit the bun but even that isn't a show stopper. I'll eat 'em plain with nothing on them. Or loaded w/ketchup, mustard, onion, relish and everything in between. Sometimes I just want mustard on a dog, other times just sweet get the drift.

I'm convinced they serve Coney or Chili Dogs in Heaven...they are just on a cart and you load 'em up any way you like 'em at any time of day. Even at breakfast...

This having hot dogs any time of day started for me when I worked 3rd shift several years ago. I'd get out at 7a, get home do some chores grab a few beers and when I'd eat i'd typically eat dinner style food because I would be going to bed shortly afterward.

So I am conditioned now to eat whatever sounds good whenever it sounds good. Pancakes for dinner and hot dogs for breakfast..strange, I realize but I kind of like it.

Any way i just got back from church and before that i was up at the clubhouse for awhile where Marty was guessed it, Hot Dogs. He just started selling those JUMBO dogs for $2 pop and on a whim he sold nearly 20 of those, ah...BIG beauties yesterday. So by 7a the whole freaking place smelled like I was at a ballgame...Hmmm, what a great smell.

I know some folks are grossed out by the good ole American Hot Dog, to me it's gourmet fare all the way....