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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Oprah's last show is on right now and I'm missing it!! Good...I never really cared for her or it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate what she has done, I just don't really care much for main stream TV shows, sitcoms, talk shows, news shows...about the only regular TV show I watch fairly regularly is 60 Minutes and I wouldn't call myself a fan of that show either.

We are getting some pretty serious t-Storms right now which normally I would be excited about. This years storms and tornadoes have taken the fun and excitement out of a good thunder-boomer for me right now. We live on an island and on the low end of the island as well...translation: No Basements! So with both my parents living here I'm concerned about not having adequate shelter if we did have a tornado strike nearby.
Above: Tornado debris dumped in Coldwater lake Cove in the NW corner

Back on Palm Sunday April 11, 1965 a tornado wiped out everything on the other side of the lake. It was a major tornado and that event has left it's scars on the memories of long time residents, including my mother/father. 44 people were killed, 612 injured and damage estimated at 32 million dollars in 1965 dollars! My Parents were not here when the tornado hit, none of my family was because back then Summer people didn't really come until Memorial Day. But my dad rode up here from Lafayette Indiana with his father the next day. The island was blocked off by the National guard but they were able to prove residency and get on the island.

Lots of trees down, debris, broken windows and such but no major damage on the island. Less then a quarter mile northwest of the island on the other side of the lake every cottage was gone. We had a boat on our beach from a cottage a half mile away!

So you can see that the T-Word is not a popular one around here and in this household specifically. So the next day or so we have warnings out for severe weather, Thunder Storms and a Tornado Watch is on right now.

I suppose I am getting to be a bit of a worry wart in my advancing age. I am going to be in town tonight and it is remote out here on the island. There is only a thin. mile long peninsula/road out to it and though the lake is 12 miles from where I'll be it's hard to get too quickly. Oh well, life must go on...the storms have settled down a bit the last hour or so, perhaps we'll get a breather for a few hours...

I just hope they are not anything like what the central U.S. has been getting the last few days. Well I need to get my show on the road, so see ya!