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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Lynching Lance

I know this is not a typical post for me but it's something that I am getting tired of hearing about and frankly I just think it's wrong.

This post is about Steroids (Doping) and Lance Armstrong in particular. I will say right off the bat, I am not an expert on doping, cycling, the law, Armstrong...any of it. I'm a late 40 something American guy that knows who Lance is, who admired the fact that he won 7 Tour De France Races and more importantly has done incredible work in the area of Cancer awareness, research and just providing HOPE.

Hope is something I know about. In the throes of my drug and alcohol addiction I found myself at a place in my life where I had no hope..I mean I had NO HOPE. So I tried to take my own life...and failed. So Hope is nothing to be trifled with or discounted. If he is providing HOPE to those who have none then his work is PRICELESS....

What I know is this. Armstrong was tested for drugs hundreds of times and NEVER failed test. He is retired and doing amazing work now so what is this all about anyway!? It is a fact that there are those people out there who hate him, like Floyd Landis, who coincidently did fail a drug test (during the freaking TOUR!) and they and those like them want to bring Lance down.

I don't know if Lance ever doped or not, I don't really even care, I don't. It does not matter anymore to me or really in the bigger picture of life and living. Pursuing him is a huge waste of time. He passed every test ever given him and I think they need to let it go. But because there are people in high places who hate him and basically a whole country of people who want to see him discredited (France) that it gives folks with power the excuse to keep pursuing this, at American Tax Payers Expense none the less!

If Armstrong doped when he won his 7 Tours, then it's pretty much a given then that every single contender in the Tour did too. It is freaking STUPID to continue pursuing this. The American FDA agent Jeff Novitzky,who is leading this lynch mob has a vendetta against athletes who are good. He is obsessed, like a stalker...I have to believe he was the kid who never got picked to play ball on the playground. What a psycho and a joke of a human being. He is nothing short of a power abusing STALKER of rich and famous athletes. You are a misguided, dangerous, power abusing psycho of a human being who frankly should be locked up himself.

Personally I don't know Lance Armstrong and I don't have Cancer though I did just go through a very real Cancer scare myself just a couple of months ago. But I want this guy free, leading his Livestrong organization to fight cancer. I don't want him or his people diverted with this bull sh*t investigation of something that if it happened is long over.

Hey I'm just some small time blogger, I have no clout but this just makes me ill to continually read about this in the paper. I just don't think it's right...