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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Basic, Afternoon Post Sleep Report Post/A Real Snoozer!

I just woke up from a short, but powerful 90 minute sleep just now. I already feel a bit more "together" because of it, though I suspect that will improve even more after a walk, a shower plus a late lunch. So that is indeed a bit of an improvement over my typical sleep pattern that last few weeks.

I broke down other day and scheduled a doctor's appointment for tomorrow. I have a few odd things happening right now including this re-occurring issue of poor nightly sleep, most are related to the usual nerve damage in my back, neck and feet. I am also retaining water in my ankles and feet, which I have NEVER experienced before so I am wondering what the deal is with that?!

I am always a bit reluctant when dealing with doctors because I have been through so much that is negative with medical professionals over the last few decades and have gotten very LITTLE satisfaction from doing so...My doctor is still not seeing patients due to Maternity Leave so I will be seeing her husband Chad who I never even seen before. That is another of my least favorite things to do: see a new and unfamiliar physician!

OK...this is a pretty bland, nuts/bolts type report kind of post...I'll try and work on something a bit more exciting for later in the day. Until then...

(PHOTO: Ansel Adams)

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