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Friday, November 25, 2011

A Really Nice Weekend

It is Friday evening here at the lake and the vibe 'round here is tired yet it 'tis a peaceful & satisfied type of real stress or tension...I feel very satisfied with our trip to Dayton, the visit to my sister's place and the whole day yesterday with family. Kim brought her 12 year daughter and that went well too...I have really enjoyed the holiday which is saying a HECK of a-lot for this guy who usually doesn't care for them AT ALL, TRUST ME!

The girls are making sugar cookies and I will say it does my heart good to see K-Sue have this kind of QT (Quality Time) with Mackaroo. So that's it, fire in the fire place, football games on with the sound turned down so we can read in peace. A wonderful setting, looking out at the last light aglow on the lake.

Tomorrow is the last major football Saturday of the year and my parents will be back from Dayton to watch the Purdue-IU football game. I read at the Nursing Home then take Kim and Mackey home...

So that's the mellow weekend we go going...catch up with 'ya-all later!

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