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Friday, November 11, 2011

Get Out Of My Way...Please!

I get disgusted a lot easier...frustrated more quickly and inpatient almost immediately these days. I have discovered that I react much more strongly to things that bother me most particularly when they involve someone else. I have little to NO patience at all for others. I think living at home with senior citizens, in their 80's and with the added frustration of having VERY POOR hearing and having done very little about it.

That scenario... drives me absolutely MAD! I loose my mind and am not tolerant of people who "dawdle" and have no respect for other people and particularly their time. I know I should lighten up but certain folks like my own father blatantly disrespect people because they have NO consideration for the fact that they may have important things to do themselves.

It goes back to one of my main complaints about people right now, that they only think about themselves at the expense of everybody else..they can't or won't see beyond their own circumstances. As the world moves faster and faster with the aid of technology...there is no time to fiddle fart I get irritated with those fool around and waste time and energy. 

I realize I am not showing one of the finer sides of my personality right now and I am not necessarily proud of feeling and acting this way but it's a big part of my life style that I have no intention of changing...I like efficiency and I like timeliness. I hate wasting time...

It doesn't not mean I don't take time to chill and relax...I do. I love to read, walk and obviously be out of doors. I just like my time to be respected by others...that's all and far too often other people are not AWARE of what they are or are NOT doing at any given time...and as a result they delay traffic or tie up phone lines or drive 14 miles in the left PASSING lane on the Inter-State! That is exactly the kind of stuff I'm talking about here.

Alright...The RANT is OVER!

That is the maddening part of all of this. I do think that fi

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