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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Power RIFFING, Sunday 3:34am

I am an emotional person and as a result I'm rarely reluctant to share my feelings with others, here on the SHOCK or in on one. But sharing one on one certainly didn't  come naturally to me. It was something that I have been working on since I found sobriety in 2006.

So much of my recovery has depended on my ability to be honest with myself/others and to communicate effectively. And yea, that communication certainly included sharing my feeling with people when it mattered. My quality of life, obviously in regard to relationships but in general emotionally is better when I communicate effectively. There are less misunderstandings and even in disagreement with someone, I've found that there is more positive energy focused on finding a positive and satisfactory resolution then there was before. I definitely notice the difference communication makes.

I know this talk of honesty, communication and sharing one's feelings makes for boring blog post fodder yet it has changed the way I operate in my everyday life...and because of that there has been a profound difference in the quality of that life. I know that when I have made improvements to my own way of behaving, that it has seemed to have a broader impact on my day to day life then I would expect.

I know in my relationship with K-Sue for example, that communicating more openly and honestly has improved the overall quality of that relationship. But more importantly for me, it has helped promote more trust. Trust being an area where I still have some significant work to do, not just with Kimi but with all relationships. 

So I don't know where I get the notion at 3:45a to riff on communication, trust and sharing one's feelings but clearly it is something that is never far away from my thoughts. So as is my usual pattern...if I'm feeling IT, wherever I happen to be and whatever I happen to be doing I'll take it and run with it. This morning obviously no different. Until LATER>>>

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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