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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Long, Lonely Winter and a SACRED TRUST

College Football Saturday all across the county today....this is definitely a favorite time of year. First and foremost I just really like Autumn... there is something about this time of year with the vivid colors and how everything changes. It is a time of renewal and even though we know we must endure the long and lonely, cold stark winter a chance to begin again is the reward for those who survive it...

I have always been fascinated by that idea...that we can begin again, start over...that we indeed can be redeemed, forgive and in turn be forgiven. That is exactly what has happened in my life. I gave in and stopped trying to resist the will of my Creator...and of course to do that I had to actually admit there was a Creator...GOD and accept him as my EVERYTHING. 

My world changed immediately after that happened...

I think the reason that I end up writing about this topic so often here on the SHOCK is because I still find it difficult to put into words and actually understand what has happened to me. And I desperately WANT to know and understand what's happened but I am beginning to realize that perhaps it is something that I may NEVER get an answer to...

I have to start there and accept that I will never know why things have happened the way they have. I also must accept that I have been given a that for me is nothing short sacred...and that is to share my story: my experiences, strength and hope until the end of my days to help others. And by sharing this story with others..I will glorify the wonderful saving Grace of  my Lord and GOD. 

In reality...I now understand clearly that it no longer means anything to me to know how or why this stuff happened. No what's important is that IT DID HAPPEN and that I have absolute confidence and trust that HE is always with me and always will be until the end of time.

(Photo: Kathy Tomson)

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