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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Valley Full Of Tears

There is something going on in the news world right now that is kind of bugging me and I can't keep it to myself but the subject is such that I'd rather NOT write about it. So I'm going to go ahead but I am going to skip links, references and probably relevant's the #1 news story in the US right now so if anyone wants to find it google: Penn State Child Abuse and you'll get there...

In brief: Former Penn State Defensive Coach Jerry Sandusky is accused of molesting/sexually assaulting at least 9 young boys in his Children's Charity The Second Mile  while he was a coach at Penn State. It appears that the head coach Joe Paterno was told in 1998 about an incident and though he reported it (as is required) to his boss, he did not call the police. This story has really blown up and though all the facts are NOT in, the press has condemned Paterno and is a huge, tragic mess.

The feeding frenzy is on to find someone to crucify publicly (blame) so  Head Football Coach Joe Paterno and others are more then likely going to lose their jobs even though technically Joe did what he was legally obligated to do. Should he have called the police...yea he should have...but you know what? I was RAPED and didn't call them in MY OWN CASE!! Heck no...that attention was the last thing I frightened me...I did not want someone finding out.

To set the record straight the school, the Head Coach, The School President, Athletic Director...all of them should have immediately called law enforcement...they didn't and it was a huge mistake. Kids got raped because they DIDN"T Act and they and those boys (now young men) will have to live with that decision. And yes they should probably lose their jobs or resign...they screwed up big time!

But what really bothers me is these news people, sports commentators all acting so high and mighty calling for various peoples heads, These folks have no's just a dramatic story to them...they judge Paterno saying he should have done this or that. Well they were not becomes a whole different ball game when you are unexpectedly linked with RAPE...I'm sure it freaked a 75 year old man right out of his mind. He reported it to his Superior just like he was obligated too. But people are never satisfied, they expect everyone to be and act perfectly...except themselves of course!  Well...things are never tidy or  black and white when it comes to rape...rape is messy, imperfect and tragic.

ESPN Radio Personality Colin Cowherd ranted on and on this morning like he was GOD, throwing accusations around he really knows more about then anyone else right nowt...that makes me sick because he is such an obvious example of a poser and FAKE. He always chooses his side very carefully on every issue he talks about on-air because he is trying to garner the best RATINGS. His rants are calculated to get a RISE of the audience, to merely get ratings, nothing more moral or legitimate then really tough coming down on the side of the kids Colin...what a risk-taker you are...but it isn't that black and white.   

I have often found in these very famous sex cases involving children that everybody is throwing explosive, confrontational words around...except those of us who were childhood victims of RAPE or molestation. We are the calmest, most rational  people around and we also happen to be the most compassionate toward all concerned because we know first hand how awful this whole thing can everyone involved.

Facts may indeed prove Cowherds point correct but the truth is right now it's irresponsible to throw those accusations around. I know the justification is it is "your job" and a sports commentator...well  now is the time to be a human being first, in my a part of the solution....

I know stuff has to be reported and people are going to get hurt but I hate the sensationalism of this whole thing for the media's sake and that is exactly what has happened and it ALWAYS happens. Oh well...I said my piece.       

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