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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Transitional Riffing...Fairly Smooth Sailing!

Well things are looking up a bit in the sleep department...I got a couple of hours last night and I realize to many people that doesn't sound like a whole lot but it makes the difference. I also noticed that we are probably down to the last week of leaves falling as well so that is another hassle we won't have to worry about much longer. 

So things are indeed improving and truth be told...things were pretty good to begin with. It has been a couple of weeks where I have had to sit back and reflect on what I have going on in my life, make so adjustments to my schedule, prioritize my time so I have the time to meet my commitments. 

Over all the transition that has been going on this YEAR in my life is going pretty well.  What that means is going from the All-Recovery focused life and schedule I've had for the last 5 almost 6 years a more diverse, more balanced focus. That would still include daily recovery activities but would also bring the whole spiritual/ministry side into my daily life, in addition to community service and a personal relationship (That would be K-Sue).  All things considered, it's been going really, really well...I mean this is a transition and that means CHANGE...and change will always add an element of chaos to just about any situation. But I have been pleasantly surprised that I can actually lead what seems to be an almost "normal" kind of life, lol!

I will be really honest here..I couldn't see a year ago how this was ever going to happen...I really couldn't. But I didn't have God in my life then so I couldn't take into account how that has quite obviously changed EVERYTHING in my world these days. Even though it was a HUGE change for me, it brought balance to my life in a big way spiritually and that was really the key.

Everything else has snapped into place after that almost EFFORTLESSLY...and that is how I know that I don't have anything to do with this...God does. Because I know from much experience that when I run the show...well chaos happens, that's what! The fact that things are falling into place just confirms to me that I am really on the right track here and I have no doubt that is the case today!

Now that does not mean that there aren't issues because there certainly are...but I am much better equipped these days at dealing with them before they get blown all out of proportion with everything else.

So I have a few loose ends in my volunteer schedule to check up on and then I have a fairly relaxed day until this evening. I want to thank everyone who has been supportive this past week with emails and comments about the "Listening Ministry" was a great comfort and help to me! Until later...

(Painting: Winslow Homer)

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