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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Boy Looks For GOD (1971)

There are most certainly days that I feel more "connected" to the spiritual side of life then others. I think if I had to choose a way to define or describe that I would just say I am much more in tune with God, so I feel more serene, more balanced and "level" at all times. I can literally feel him all around: above, below and IN me. And you bet that is an EXTREME departure from any way that I have EVER felt about him in the past...

The goal, of course is for me to have such an open and natural connection to HIM at all times that it is seamless, timeless and completely unnoticeable to me that it is even, ever just IS there, always and FOREVER-MORE!  Then that becomes my natural and NORMAL state of being. When I have described in other posts recently that I often seek to maintain an open "portal" to HIM, that is what I am talking about except this will be taking that philosophy or lifestyle as it were...even one gigantic step further. I seek to be a completely open tunnel so HIS light may shine directly through me into others....

It isn't easy for me to remain connected to HIM for any length of time...right now the best case scenario is I get fleeting, SNIPPETS of connected time but it is slowly, yea surely improving. At this point in my life it is nearly impossible really for me to concentrate on ANYTHING for more then a couple minutes at a time and stay totally focused. It makes staying connected to GOD 100% of the time seem absolutely impossible to achieve. But somehow I just KNOW that this will happen...

And it truly WOULD be impossible if I were trying to accomplish this on my own but I know that isn't going to, it's completely in HIS hands and I have faith that is where it will remain and he'll continue to make it possible each and every day.

These were complex, almost "pie in the sky" concepts just a few short months I can see ( READ: Feel) HIS plan as clearly as I see the morning SUN rise in the Eastern Sky. It just IS...and my main I learned when I first became totally committed to my recovery was to stay the heck out of HIS way and let HIM do HIS thing...when I do this, subject my will to HIS...well life doesn't become perfect or even easy but it most definitely becomes BETTER!

Before I close this morning I want to mention a song that just popped into my head...that I haven't thought about for DECADES. Even though I speak these days about my "NEW" spiritual life and being connected to GOD for the first time, etc. I know in my heart that I have been seeking HIM my entire life. I know this because I just DO but also this song that I just recalled confirms for me that I was INDEED searching...even back when I was a boy.

The song I am reffering to is on Grand Funk's Album Survival that came out when I was 9 years old in 1971. A friend's older brother had this album and I bought it myself shortly after it came out. There were two  songs that I became totally infatuated was a cover version of the Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" and the other is a Grand Funk original called : "I can Feel Him In The Morning". I played this song over and over and over again and basically wore the vinyl out.

I'll post the song here and after you give it a tell me if you think that little 9 year old boy that was me was LOOKING for something already at that stage of his life....ENJOY:

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