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Monday, November 14, 2011

My HEART Aches With RAGE

I just finished reading a good chunk of the Grand Jury testimony concerning Jerry Sandusky and the rape/sexual exploitation of at least 8 young boys. Sorry folks...when it comes to this kind of thing, I am BIASED...EXTREMELY biased. All 8 accounts match up incredibly well and these boys, now young men didn't have contact or know each other. The only reasonable conclusion one can come to is that Sandusky did these things, all of them... just as described in detail in this report

So I say: lock him up and throw away the key...then scour that university, yes Penn State University, a place that I am very fond of and a place where I've spent a lot of time...and find out HOW this got covered up. Every person responsible needs to to be held accountable and punished more lies, no more deceit. Then they should be tried for any crime they may have committed....then the University needs to move forward.

It is a struggle to believe what I read in that report..I simply can't comprehend how this happened. It's awful and I felt sick to my stomach and you know what? I've BEEN there and it makes me sick! I have been personally victimized: cornered, trapped, beaten...I was thrown to the floor, kicked,  had my jeans ripped off me and was repeatedly raped by 3 grown men when I was 12 years old...and this incident makes me SICK! It was so systematic, so cunning, That's what troubles me was and incredibly EVIL.

These boys came from troubled homes...they had no one looking out for them..except this CLOWN with a hard-on for children and SATAN'S HEART...

Do I still seem a bit upset to you? DO I?! DAMN right I am upset...I feel betrayed by what those adults (yes all of them) did to those boys. Paterno might as well as fondled  one of them not reporting what he clearly KNEW....he allowed other boys to be raped (HEAR that JOE?! You are responsible for RAPE) he a chance to stop this madness and did nothing. I liked that man and what he "represented" ...Oh wait a minute...most of us didn't realize he represented EVIL as well. Not knowing or understanding what you are told to your FACE, is not GOOD could have stopped it, right then & there.

As far as the Graduate Assistant McQueary is concerned, 28 years old at the time...a 6'4" former Penn State Football Player...I don't understand why he did nothing...he could have yelled, walked into the shower and removed the boy forcibly...just take him by the hand out of there...Maybe that would have been a good place to start, ya THINK?! OH you Penn Staters did a hell of a lot of thinking didn't ya?! The problem is that is all you seemed to do, think: "What if I tell, will I lose my job?" That is what you were really thinking, wasn't it? That is the ONLY explanation how this could have POSSIBLY happened...people were more afraid to tell the truth for they would lose their jobs then they were to lie about it at the expense of these ten year old boys. They let the boys get sodomized because they didn't want to rock the boat! I find that attitude cowardly yet it does not surprise me...

I got some basic advice for anyone, anywhere that may run into a dilemma like this else: ROCK the F**KING BOAT, ROCK IT until somebody WAKES UP! Until somebody falls into the anything, as noisily as you possibly can...please do not ever look the other way again. I realize this is scary, dangerous, impossible to understand stuff, I know...I've experienced it. But be a person of courage, of conviction...God IS on the side of right and even if a person would DIE defending an innocent child, your reward in Heaven would be far greater then staying alive on this earth...

One memory I have from the moment I was assaulted in a public bathroom...during this whirl-wind of violence, pain, noise and chaos...somebody, I believe....walked in unexpectedly into that room. I could hear  another voice...the men raping me started shouting stuff...someone else was there...and then they weren't. I don't recall seeing anyone by my face was rammed into the wall next to a urinal half the time and I didn't have and still don't have eyes in the back of my head...My point is this..I'm pretty sure someone saw what was happening then left...yet no police came to help...nobody came.

And that was the same for these boys too...No One Ever Came.


  1. I am sorry that this report has stirred up some really traumatic memories for you.

  2. It's OK, just venting a bit Ian. Your up quite late this evening!

    What he did to these boys was inexcusable and since I am a victim/survivor of rape as a child, yes it angers me. But sometimes being stirred up is a good thing. Here in the States...everyone is stirred up by this crime and scandal..