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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Football=Joy: Warms A Cold, Cold HEART

My father and I got back from the Purdue-Ohio State game about an hour ago and I've finally settled in a bit. I just need a little ice cream then I'll be all set. Purdue won the game in Overtime 26-23 and they played a great game of football this afternoon...they honestly deserved to win this game...I'm proud of 'em.

Of course...part of me hates when the Boilers do stuff like this (win a game they are supposed to lose) because often they let down the following week and they absolutely CANNOT afford to do that now. No they must hold on and win out the season and there is no reason why they can't and they shouldn' reason at all! That's why it's unlikely that they will...

Such is the life of a Purdue Boilermaker Fan...being one takes it's toll...especially being a "life-long" Purdue Football and Basketball Fan while growing up in the "Hot-Bed" of BUCKEYE FEVER: Columbus, Ohio...

Today though...was one of those great football game days. The Boilers came ready to play, limited their mistakes (no turnovers) and took it right at the Bucks who are struggling through a tough year. They have incredibly talented kids but they are young and inexperienced, especially their QB. 

We pummeled him...beat him him up and had him on the run...of course he is most dangerous when he is on the run and he hurt us a couple of times but overall, we out played the Buckeyes today. I don't believe either team turned the ball was just a good, hard hitting all American football game.

It has been awhile since Purdue has played a complete, hard hitting 60 (PLUS the OT) Minute game and persevered. This indeed is Good news for suffering Boiler Football Fans let me tell you. 

Most importantly...look at the picture at the top of the blog...yep, that says it all. That is the classic shot of my father and I...his artificial knee so bad he can barely walk, me sick with Flu, 101 degree fever the  two complete Knuckle-Heads we are, we're literally LEVITATING...celebrating an improbable, a fantastic....a:"this kind of win brings true JOY into the dying HEART of a hard, hard, world" VICTORY! least I see it that way and I'm certainly NOT  BIASED in any ways....

Enough!  I know but it's just plain FUN winning football games...

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