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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TRUTH Seeking Son Of A Gun...

There are times that writing posts for Shell Shock are a real struggle and a stretch...and just as often they'll flow effortlessly right out of this very deep place of mine and the feeling I get is so positive, so profound...that it is nearly euphoric and....addictive. Almost always though...there has been profound benefit in writing and discovering myself and what makes me..ME. 

Clearly...blogging provided the "missing link" for me toward gaining balance in my life. But more importantly...writing for me is definitely "TRUTH Seeking" helps me uncover bits and pieces..of ME. Often parts of me that I never knew were there or were significant.

I also believe that writing/blogging is definitely a safe guard for me against emotional over-load. I naturally now tend to use the blog to EMO-V or vent. I now believe that this regular "emotional vomiting" that I do here on the SHOCK has gone a long, long way in providing a safe place of sanctuary to get this crap out in the open and most importantly...OUT of ME!

Shell Shock Serenade has become for me, to quote my dear friend Carol...a "Safe Place To Fall". I realize it sounds utterly ridiculous to think that a public blog forum is a safe place to share the very deepest, darkest secrets of my SOUL but it has proven to be just THAT!  Ironic? Hell yea it is...but it is such an accepted and important part of my life now that it really doesn't seem odd to me at all to post these secrets here for EVERYONE on the freakin' planet to read if they so's strange.

I never expected to be a person who wrote much...perhaps a little poetry...a song lyric, an obituary but never anything like this. But I thank God it's worked out this way because I have a hard time picturing my life right now without the writing....

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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