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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not My Usual Kick-A** Kind Of Stuff Of Late, I Know...

I'm just sitting here this afternoon noticing how different everything feels to me right now. Yes, a lot of things are still the same in my life at the moment but my approach toward accepting them is different.And that has created an odd sensation of weirdness this afternoon...

At this very moment...I am experiencing one of my all time least favorite things in daily life and that is being right in the middle of a huge life changing decision process and being stuck because we are waiting for the other party to get their ducks in a row...I don't know how much I can really share about this right now (and that's frustrating too because I want to VENT a bit and don't know if I should!).

But we, K-sue and myself...have had an opportunity come our way that may indeed make it feasible for K to re-locate to this area (Coldwater/Branch County) and it may happen within a week or two. It isn't finalized yet and there many loose ends that have to be worked through (including whether she can actually leave the town she has spent her whole, entire life). There are several other considerations as well so we shall see how it goes.

But we have spent the last two FULL days trying to get the other party to commit to a time to meet us this coming Sunday...a meeting that THEY insisted on having, have cancelled once saying it wasn't necessary after all, then deciding that yea, it actually was something they wanted to do. I realize stuff happens but we are just a tad frustrated (me probably more then Kim) at the moment...I realize that I am NOT the most patient of men and I can't understand for the life of me how other people can even manage to put their freaking shoes on in their everyday lives when they act like this about something that is so urgent and important.

I know, I know...I gotta just chill and I's always a good stress release to get a little ornery in a blog post...something I never would have discovered with out Shell Shock Serenade.

But without going into to too much detail, that is our situation at the moment...we are sort of in LIMBO though I think we are on the right track. We just have to remain patient and calm (Me?! You've got to be kidding...I don't really DO calm!)....this will get itself worked out and I have a feeling by Sunday evening we'll have a much clearer vision of what our future is going to look like.

(PAINTINGS: Vincent Van Gogh)

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