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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Some Early Morning Clarity...

For me...the "morning after", things always tended to seem a bit less urgent or extreme. Such is the case this morning after a major, swear-word filled "EMO-VOMIT" Dump from Hell last night in post form.

So this morning I went back and edited some of the language I did not feel comfortable with. It was too angry, almost violent in tone and that is not the way I truly feel. Typically, I will go back at some point and "tidy up" all my posts, clear up spelling, sentence structure...that kind of thing. I rarely if ever re-write or completely change the post and I did nothing of the sort here. The emotions are the same as is the content....I took out some of the rawness, the rage and I think it actually represents more accurately the anger and hurt about how I feel about this situation as I write this.

Last night after I posted this, there was an
d interview done with Jerry Sandusky, the man accused of these crimes by Bob Costas of NBC Sports. Good thing I hadn't seen it before I edited out all the language this morning because I don't think I would have been so reasonable. It is disturbing...that is all I will say about it. I have to let God be the judge, because he is and I am not. I need to focus on letting God's light shine through me and let him judge people and their behavior.

If I focused anymore of this I would become obsessed and take my eyes of my real duty which is to serve HIM by helping others. If anything, what I learned from my experiences with this anger and rage that came as a result of reading the Grand Jury Record  is that it is still alive and well inside of me and all I have to do is let it run-amok and I can be in a very bad place in a very short period of time...

In closing this morning, I just wanted to alert you, my dear readers that I had made some changes to the original post so if you read it early this morning, it is a bit differently written then it was then. I just don't want to mislead any one...

(PHOtO Kathy Tomson)

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