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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hitting The Freaking Wall...HEAD-FIRST!

Hold on babe...the TRAIN'S a coming and it ain't gonna be pretty.

OK, I've had about enough of this exhaustion sh*t to last  a f**king lifetime! I haven't a clue what kind of penance or whatever I'm supposed to be paying but enough already! I don't think I have ever felt so completely SPENT as I do right now...I mean I am literally pushing the borders of sanity and I still cannot sleep.

So called "sleep" experts will quickly remind you that "nobody ever died from lack of sleep". Yea?! Well I imagine a few asshole's like yourselves have been waxed by a few sleep-deprived crazy asses like myself after listening to your sanctimonious horseshit about not dying. So nobody has ever been exhausted and fell asleep at the wheel and died?! I beg to differ dumbshits....probably happens somewhere in the US at least ONCE every single day!

I know people are wondering where the gentle man of GOD has suddenly gone...sorry but he needs at least a little bit of sleep to be GENTLE!

Ach...I freaking hate this. The Doc wanted to do a "Sleep Study" and I'm wondering why because my problem is I cannot SLEEP at all! So we do it last night...45 freakin minutes of sleep then the lady at the office lectures me about this not being good enough for a sleep study. Don't know for sure but I think it's safe to assume she regrets saying that to me...

Please dear reader bear with me...I am releasing some of the extreme pressure building up in my head because I am so frustrated with my health right now. I try to let go and let GOD but as you can see....I am not having the greatest luck with that right now.

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  1. Sorry Thomas that things are so ruff right now but God is there and he will allways be therefor you, you just need to keep following and believing in him. I know it is hard sometimes to do but keep the faith and things will get better I don't believe God wants us to hurt. A lot of people Love u and are praying for you so I believe things will get better. Just try to keep the Faith.