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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Eyes Know It

It is the stereo-type come true kind of lazy Sunday afternoon...too windy really to do yard work plus our leaves are pretty much KAPUT for the season so there isn't much, there really isn't anything to do for real...BONUS!

There are some great NFL match-ups plus for race fans the Sprint Cup Chase is down to it's second to last race of the year.  For me, I have several good books I am involved in plus several writing projects I'm excited about. And you know all of that stuff sounds just delightful...wonderful...productive...for any freakin' chump that wants to fall for it. Me? I'm hunkering down for a mid-afternoon MEGA-Nap....That is what I'm gonna do. The ONLY thing that would make this better is having my two Grand Pups (pictured above in a 2 year old picture) to snooze with or having Kimmi here this afternoon....

Speaking of the pic above...that is without a doubt my all time  favorite "Grand Pa Picture". There truly is a special connection between grandchildren and their grandparents. At least I certainly feel that way and was very close to the only grandparent I really ever knew...My father's Mum, my Grandma.

This pic also reminds me of something even more tells with complete clarity, the story of my recovery. Just look at those eyes...they are a crystal clear blue and brimming with love for those two precious, little boys...just totally locked in on the camera. Just a few short years prior to this I wasn't even close to being capable of having clear eyes or focusing on eyes back then were all but DEAD...sad...blackened all the way 'round and all the way through. Those eyes reflected what I really felt at the time: FEAR, Self-Hatred and Despair. The eyes staring back in this picture reflect the complete CHANGE in me...Ultimately what that photo represents to me is this: LOVE. It reminds me of God's incredible gift of Grace and his infinite LOVE for ALL of US. It turns out that I didn't slip through the cracks of life after all and he would not let me kill myself...nope, these little fellas need their grandpa and boy oh boy...did he ever need THEM!

It's funny, now that I'm thinking about what I've just written here and how true it all is. I've begun to truly understand what those two little guys mean to is at this moment I realize those crystal, clear eyes aren't so crystal clear at the moment. NOPE, they're currently filled with tears....

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  1. Talk about tears! Those boys love you so much and Mason talks about you all the time, at least a couple times a week. They absolutely need their grandpa even if we are far apart right now. You are still their hero <3