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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Taking Our Lumps seems has rediscovered it's Cajones the last few has really been dishing it out and we've really been talking our lumps, as it were.

Things have gotten more difficult of late, especially concerning Kim's long term living situation. We were really optimistic that the day after tomorrow, we would be posting some really good news that Kim was moving down here right away to take a position as a full time, live in care-taker for a woman from our church. 

She was offered the position last week after we met the woman and had a wonderful chat.  Then one of the woman's sons wanted to set up a meeting and things got very complicated. But we stayed  hopeful and did everything  they asked even though they continued to change plans, cancel meetings and basically jerk us around....long story short the whole deal came crashing down this morning when the woman left Kim a rather terse voice-mail saying they don't need her..and that was the end of that.

I really feel for Kim because it does seem that no matter how hard she works, she really never gets a break or the benefit of the doubt. It's not just is down right disheartening. We know that God has a plan, we both have seen it at work in both of our lives but things are just very, very hard right now and it can be difficult to keep one's head up and eyes focused forward!

On a personal note, it is a constant struggle for me as someone who cares for Kim to sit and once again see one of her opportunities or dreams get ripped away almost defies explanation how this keeps on happening this way. The only thing one can realistically do is just keep on going, while remaining steadfast in prayer and representing one's self well by being open, honest and steadfast in all you do.

I too, get discouraged because this affects me too and it does seem like every time we get close to a breakthrough something like this goes down and we have to start all over again.

I really am not trying to whine or feel sorry for myself here...on the contrary...I have had a lot of great opportunities open up and life really has been wonderful in so many ways. But it has taken me so long to open myself up to love again, to trust someone enough to let them fully into my life and now outside forces intervene and we can't be together. It's tough, and that is why I am feeling a wee bit "Black-Doggish" this evening (for those who are un-initiated to my "lingo" "Black Dog" is my term for my personal Depression).

But I do  trust God and tomorrow is another we'll just see how it all plays out. Anyway that is the latest and greatest from this from this side of the island tonight...good night!

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  1. Sounds like our lives are following similar tracks right now. ~sending strength!~