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Thursday, November 24, 2011

We Found Food! was starting to feel  little sketchy here....Believe it or not, we were actually looking at starving on Thanksgiving Day. How ironic, eh?!

We had a wonderful visit to my sister's place here in Dayton (Centerville) Ohio. Kim, her daughter Mackenzie and I went back to the hotel and had an awesome swim. We needed a snack so then we.headed over to McDonald's for milkshakes and food except the freaking place was CLOSED! Every light in the joint was on and there were a steady stream of cars going through the drive-thru just like we did but only to discover that they were closed! Everything in the area was closed.except a sports bar named was a pretty popular place tonight! We were all wearin' slippers and sweats but hunger prevailed over dignity we are eating like, kings!

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