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Monday, November 14, 2011

Satisfied...Hey, That Will Work For Me!

It has been a good, productive weekend which not only gave us time to get some of the fall chores wrapped up and an opportunity to go to the Purdue/Ohio State game in West Lafayette on Saturday afternoon...

Certainly beating Ohio State was a big deal for Boiler fans like my Dad and I. It isn't very often that Purdue beats the Buckeyes in football and this is the second time in 3 years that we've beaten then, both times at home. last year, OSU walloped the Boilers in Ohio was so bad I don't even want to look up the it felt good to win on Saturday.                                           

Getting the last of the fall leaf clean-up finished (for the most part) and some other fall clean-up stuff completed was an extra bonus considering we were expecting rain for most of the weekend. Anyhow, it's nice to feel like we are ahead of the 8-Ball a bit. Typically we are still catching up on that kind of thing during the Thanksgiving weekend so this is a real treat.

I have also really appreciated where some of these blog post topics have taken me the last few weeks...I am always pleased when I am able to continue to open up new areas in my recovery and healing processes. I learned a long time ago that you never RECOVER or completely heal...that it is truly a life long process. 

Life itself, as I see it now is like that as is a continual process of learning and growth. Learning from my many mistakes is probably an area where I have made the most progress  but that notion to admit then accept my mistakes, expose them and then share themwith others was just plain hard to do. It was certainly NOT in my nature to do so and now I seem to have progressed to a place where that is no longer not only isn't an issue but sharing openly has really become a strength.

So I expect to continue to explore some of those same themes this week in posts and just  keep plugging away much like I always do. 

I wish every reader a Happy {or at least Tolerable :-)} start to your work week and we'll post some else a little later on today....

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