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Friday, November 4, 2011

The Death Of A KING

Dr Conrad Murray is the man accused of killing Michael Jackson by giving him an over dose of the prescription drug Propofol. This Narcotic is used by anesthesiologists during surgeries, etc to keep patients essentially asleep. My point in posting this isn't to go over the trial or cover facts of the case. This trial has received 24/7, around the clock coverage so I figure most folks who even remotely care about this can have as much info as they like at the touch of their fingers. thoughts about Michael Jackson and his death are rather simple...

I believe Michael Jackson killed himself unwittingly through his own actions due to his addiction to drugs. You can talk about the specifics of why he was taking that particular medication: not sleeping, stress, immense pressure from a struggling career and the need for a strong comeback, etc. You can also make excuses that his private physician "did" this to him but the truth is, none of that matters if he isn't a drug addict.  It was his own behavior, over decades that eventually lead to his demise. He had been taking huge doses of pain killer and other sedatives for YEARS...that is an undisputed fact.

As a person VERY familiar with drug addiction, particularly the use of narcotic pain killers, etc...I would almost venture to guess his in ability to sleep was a direct result of his abuse of pain killers over a long period of time. His tolerance to these drugs increased greatly over time requiring larger and larger doses for the drugs to be effective. He also require much stronger drugs as well because of that tolerance...To the point that he was using a drug that is rarely if EVER seen on the street.

He was a master manipulator, just like the rest of us junkies...who get very good at getting what we need...he just had resources monetarily that most of us never could even dream of. He essentially purchased himself the services of a doctor who came complete with the ability to write prescriptions....a junkies DREAM!

I am not saying that Murray isn't guilty of contributing to MJ's death...he certainly is. But the ultimate blame needs to be laid at the feet of the KING...the KING of POP!

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  1. I agree - while it is sad that there is corruption in that Murray probably did fall into the trap (I believe there are a lot of folks who would for money) - ultimately this is a suicide sad to say.