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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Me...A WRITER? Yea, I Suppose So...

It occurred to me the other I sat here at the keyboard writing yet another post for Shell Shock Serenade that I have actually become a writer. That's right, a real writer and quite honestly a rather prolific writer, at least in terms of quantity anyway.

I started the blog in December of 2009 but I didn't write many posts initially. As a matter of fact only a handful of posts were written through the summer of 2010. It wasn't until November of last year that I started writing and posting everyday. Now I am averaging around 3 posts a day and have written a total of 987 posts...all but 50 or so written in the last year or so...and I really have enjoyed it. Practice has improved my writing but I am such a perfectionist I don't know if I'll ever be able to fully appreciate or like the writing that I do. Oh well...i'll just do my best.

More then anything, this blog has helped me heal from the shock and difficulty of rape, of drug and alcohol addiction and the great trauma and sorrow that accompany those things. Shell Shock has also given me an outlet where I can say whats on my mind and in the process get feedback from others. And the prospect is also there that I might say something that could help another person, perhaps going through a similar issue as mine.

I have met some incredibly talented people as a result of writing and reading blogs and I consider myself fortunate that I stumbled onto the forum. Writing and commenting on other folks blogs has contributed to drawing me out of the self-impose cocoon I had been living in for so long. As a result I have developed a couple of relationships I really value and shudder to think I never would have met them if it hadn't been for reading blogs?

So this is sort of a new way of thinking for me...I will share more thoughts and feelings about the notion of being a writer and what writing has done for me. But now I have to shut this puppy down...heavy eyelids and less then 2 hours sleep the last few days has made continuing this post impossible and pointless. So goodnight...

(Album Cover Picture: Jimi Hendrix: A Cry Of Love)

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