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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Odds Pretty Much Suck...

I realize this is going to come across to most folks as a very simplistic statement, bordering on stating the obvious even...But making a major change in a person's life, one who is currently under duress (IE: The shit has hit the fan, things are really not good...negative circumstances have already begun to occur and this person is up to their neck in trouble) is one of the most difficult things a person can do. And more often then not, when we are talking about the subject of Alcoholism/Addiction...the success and follow through rate of that particular changes is somewhere UNDER 10%. Yea...these odds really blow, eh!??

And it always is a situation where we wait until we are in deep do-do before we take action...most people will not come to the LORD unless lead there...and usually, in my experience anyway...trouble is usually leading the way!

Why is it so difficult to change? Well often those changes have physical or medical giving up DRINK and getting sober for example. A person suffering from alcoholism has an addictive disease....the solution/treatment is SIMPLE but far from easy. In other words the treatment is abstinence: "Just don't drink"...that's simple enough isn't it? Just trying doing it for a prolonged period of time. The reality of recovery involves not just abstinence but changing behaviors that lead us to drink...and that's when it gets tough!

Over-eating/overcoming obesity with a changed lifestyle of exercise and diet is similar...learning to live with Depression, surviving sexual abuse or rape, just coping with life's various curve-balls and adversities...none of this is easy to accomplish while trying to live your life at the same time. Life doesn't shut down for us so we can make changes just because we screwed up and have to get our shit together. No...more often then not...the situation is even more chaotic and complex BECAUSE we have messed things up to the point of NO RETURN.

One of the, even criticism's I've received is that after more then 5 years of sobriety...why am I still talking about this stuff...should it be done by now? People...I'm told are tired of me talking about it all the time and bothered by the subject matter. Especially in my case because by dealing with the initial most urgent issue of addiction...I discovered that there were a myriad of other issues eating away at my very soul...rape being the most corrosive and damaging.

I believe this is the reason we deal...that I have had to continue to deal with change of this magnitude over DECADES...especially if you were out there living this for 30 years like I is going to take a really long time...a lifetime, I believe.

I also believe that is why it is so critical to involve others, take advantage of any resources available for whatever issue you may be dealing support groups for example.  I never recommend trying to "fix" this kind of stuff on your own...I know that is a motivating factor in why I write this particular blog is to enlighten folks on the issues of making changes and sticking with them. It also helps me, strengthens me and my resolve and gives me motivation and yea, the  faith to reach out and share my story with others. 

I realize there may be more then a little defensiveness in my response here about change but I really believe that is hy the success rate is so low...people get discouraged because it is taking TOO long to get better...But I am convinced with the proper information, communication and support...more people can find their way through to TRUE FREEDOM in their lives, One Day At A Time.

(Painting: Claude Monet)

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