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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can You Hear Him?

"Faith comes from hearing...and what is heard comes from Christ" This is the basic meaning Romans 10:17 and is the Main motivation and justification for this "Bible Listening Ministry" that we now have going on at church on Tuesday evenings at 6p. The whole idea came from a friend (She and her husband were missionaries in Africa for many years) who was telling a few of us how different tribes there have a strong "Oral Tradition"  for passing on relevant stories and as they have come to believe in God's word/bible they are reciting it aloud as well. 

Well at that time I was looking for something "biblical" to do on Saturday mornings at the Assisted Living Home where i do some volunteer work. It occurred to me that I could just read the bible for a that is what started this ministry there several months ago and it has been an amazing experience.

First of all I wasn't sure I could read out loud for that long but you know it just flows right out of you really has been a cool experience. I have come to appreciate the WORD even more when I hear it echoing throughout the room into the's very intense.

Because of that opportunity we have been able to take what we now call the "Bible Listening Ministry" into the homes of some shut-ins, folks who can't get out to go to church. I have to say for a guy who never used to do ANYTHING unless it was to benefit himself, I can't tell you dear reader what an absolute privilege this is such a humbling thing to be a small part of and the most interesting and appealing thing to me is the simplicity of it up and listen. Get a cup of coffee and a cookie and listen for 50 minutes and you do not have to do a thing but be present. The word speaks for itself...

I used to scoff at Christians and their "bible talk" crap and their false sense of piety, etc, etc...I couldn't have been more wrong. the majority are sincere and so selfless....I have NOT run into the self-righteous hypocrite that I thought were EVERYWHERE in Christianity...I just haven't seen them. I'm sure there are a few...but where are they? I truly feel that it is a gift to be able to do this kind of is my pleasure to serve.

I will also add that I think following those who have long established "oral traditions" to tell their tribes history or history of their people, etc really are onto some thing very special. There is something very powerful about hearing the word go out to people who are present together in a group. I would really like to see this kind of thing continue and prosper but only time will's up to God, if it is meant to be well it will take off just like it has at the nursing home.

So I'll close...I need to get ready to go read for awhile...just the idea brings a smile to my face because I really get excited about it and I so love to read...and the more I do read the more I want to read. Anyway I just felt compelled to share that tonight. I've mentioned some ministry work and that is one of two little ministries I have been involved in and I think at this point in time two is the limit. 

Perhaps we'll have some detail for later tonight....

(PHOTO: Kathy Tomson)

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