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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's A Little On the High-Side, Son.

I suppose I've been dodging that diagnosis for so long that in my mind I was immune to it. Yet today, at age 49 I discovered that along with the fact that my feet are swollen up with water like two balloons...I have high blood pressure reading for the first time outside of going through severe alcohol and/or narcotic withdrawal. It came as a surprise only because I have no history of it but I definitely felt funny this morning though, high strung, fever...really pretty agitated and distracted. But it explains to some extent how I have been feeling....though I am in a much better place health wise then I was last winter into health needs some attention.

My diet really needs attention and I'd like to get more exercise but the nerve damage in my back, neck and feet is really limiting what I can do right now....I am going to have to get more creative...and more sleep. I cannot do any of this unless I start getting at least 2 hours a sleep a day. I am suffering from early stage exhaustion and I have also really been experiencing a great deal of pain. I do not feel well at all...and no matter how much things have changed for the better and life is good, it will never truly be good until I feel physically well too.

I also learned today that I probably am not getting my regular doctor back, at least not anytime soon. That is unfortunate because I felt comfortable with her and had developed some that is all wiped out and I am beginning again to a certain degree. I am seeing her husband, in the same office so the transition is pretty seamless for the most part. I'm just not sure that he will work out though it seems OK so far so we will have to see how it goes, long term.

I guess I feel fairly optimistic for the future though a little frustrated  by my current circumstances so we will just have to wait it and see. And that is where things lie at the moment health wise...

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