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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cheerful And Chippy

Whoa...I think this just might be a post I need to be careful about because I'm tired and I've been prone to some feelings of frustration as of late. I don't want that frustration to dominate what really has been a good experience overall with my surgery being taken care of. I feel good, considering all that has happened and I'm healing, ever so slowly. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good.

I can now look forward a bit, past the immediate medical concerns to a bit brighter future. Yes, there still are some medical issues I have to be concerned about but this was a major step in the process and a great relief. I can already feel the difference with the Acid Reflux (GERD), it basically is gone, poof..does not exist. That's nice....

SO I'll leave it at that for now, just trying to get back on my feet, keeping it all rather simple if I can. I have a ride to and from church in the morning if I want to go which is nice. So I'm turning in for the evening. I'm pretty darn sore but feel mostly cheerful yet still a bit chippy as well..I would say that's probably right where I'm expected to be just 3 short days after this surgery.


  1. Im so happy to hear that you are home and all patched up. Cheerful and chippy is good, but youre allowed to have your funk moments. It happens to the best of us humanfolk. Makes us appreciate the chippy times that much more. :)

  2. You don't have to worry 'bout those "funk" moments Sunny, I still have my fair share of them.

    I don't clarify myself very well sometimes...I have all these little nicknames for stuff in my life but I don't let anyone else know about them, including readers of this blog! CHIPPY to me means being a little edgy, kind of touchy so I was Happy yet Chippy at the same time. Conflicted feelings which are the norm for me sometimes.

    So you hit the nail right on the head really, I feel what I feel. This morning I'm not feeling so hot. I imagine it will ebb and flow for awhile.

    Thanks for the kind thoughts...