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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

All Dressed Up...No Place To Go

With no place to go...that is me this morning. I am a man of routine, for the most part. Oh, I can be spontaneous and flexible as needed but typically I follow certain specific patterns, particularly in the morning.

I get up very early as most morning readers of this blog already know because the first post of the day can go live as early as 4a sometimes. I'll clean up/wash up, get the paper and a cup of coffee. I've read the morning paper literally since I was a young boy. Family tradition I guess but I for one will always appreciate an actual newspaper in the morning to read and digest.

I'll usually write a blog post afterward then get on with chores.The I like to get outside which brings me to my dilemma this morning...

The darn rain is screwing up my morning plans to get outside! It figures that it would rain today of all days. Wednesday is typically a day when I head into town quite early to meet a couple of buddings at a coffee shop for some spiritual discussion and because we are good friends. So typically I don't have much time before hand to get out and do something...say CG (Crippled Golf) for example. No usually a quick walk is all I can squeeze in to loosen up the broken body and get the juices flowing.

Well both fellows are out of town so I have some extra time today before an 11a commitment at the Nursing Home. And it's RAINING! WHA, WHA...I know! The weather has a fickle manner and haughty sense of irony I would say. Leave it to me to actually give the weather the human qualities of emotion and humor, but hey I have to justify this somehow. And of course I now have too much time on my hands because my plans changed!

So I now actually get to see how flexible I really am...

It certainly doesn't hurt for me to occaisionally just STOP for a while and do NOTHING. As a matter of fact, it is healthy and a good idea really to do so. I do tend to push things, load up my plate, as it were with responsibilities and committments. Now there isn't anything wrong with that..I really enjoy what I do these days on a day to day basis but I am feeling a tad weary and could benefit from a little rest.

Maybe I could even lay back down for another hour...WHOA, now that would be a trip and RARE too. OR...I could go and get my umbrella and go for a walk in the rain, Hmmm...