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Sunday, August 21, 2011


Today was another strange kind of day...Sundays often are for me and have been historically a bit different. They really were awful when I worked third shift because I literally waited around all day to go to work that night. I couldn't sleep before hand so the work night really was unpleasant as well.

When you live in a resort type area as I do now (Holland MI also had "Summer People" too)Sunday is different because it is the day the weekenders head home. They mostly stay until evening then leave except for days like today where it rained in the mid-afternoon and a whole bunch of folks headed home early.

Of course the rain stopped, the sun came out and it was beautiful the rest of the day but's their loss. Being a full time resident it's a cool night, Sunday night because it's like we get our island back from the RUDE, Careless, Loud, Obnoxious Brat Teenagers who cruise the entire weekend in their Mummy's and Daddy's 15K Golf Cart with stereo really is getting ridiculous.

If you think I'm exaggerating...well I'm not, not at all. It get tiresome that's all. Hey, I'm all for having fun, I really am but don't do it at somebody else's expense...and it seems like Mum and dad get here on Friday night make a cocktail then tell the kids to take the golf cart and jet ski's and stay out of their hair. there were 4 6 year olds driving around by themselves yesterday...this is a real county road, it's not like a park road, there are cars, walkers, bikers, trucks...and little kids driving golf carts doing 20mph. No kidding, some one is gonna get hurt...

All right, enough whining...I sound like my father "them damn kids is ruining the freakin' world...nobody cares anymore...yada yada yada..."

I still love living here...and I wouldn't want to go anywhere else. It is nice when the seasons in the fall when most folks have left for the Summer or Florida...we have the place to ourselves. I love it...

I wish I had some old photos of the original cottage and the island 40 years ago so i could post some of them here. It was an idyllic place to spend summers...especially for a boy like me who loved to be outside, exploring, swimming, name it. every evening my Grandma went on a walk around the island to pick various wild berries that grew and then she would bake these incredible pies. We would have Bluegill for breakfast most every morning with eggs or was amazing.

Even though that magic has dissipated somewhat it still has a special feel to it. I'm getting ready to go for a walk and I am just in awe of the 200 year old trees, towering above all...they are HUGE. Anyway...I'm outta here...