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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The ECHO...of Sorrow

I think for a long time I've carried with me in life an aura or ECHO of Sorrow. On the surface, at first thought this certainly looks and feels like a negative thing. On further review I beg to differ...I see it as a "living rememberance". I do not wallow in sorrow, at least I don't these days and I do not obsess over it either. It is there, a constant reminder of what "what WAS and what can be again" if I forget...

The ghosts of the past, once haunting, faceless spectres from a horrifying nightmare that was once my reality have now become familiar. And slowly but surely they have also become, in a rather strange twist of fate...friends. Friends in a sense that we share a common past, we now know each other in the most intimate way...our strengths and our weaknesses...the good times and the bad, the very, very bad. Yet we survived...together once and always I suppose.

Memories float through my mind, echoes of that "other time" yet they are the bridge that connects that particular piece of the past to the present and provides the perspective, the background emotion and information, as it were...for the healing wind that currently blows my way. And it truly has blown right over and through me in recent times, bringing that very long lost peace and serenity I have sought all my life.

I've often thought of the past in terms of an "echo"... because that is how I relate to it as a reacurring reminder, a fleeting, far off sound...lingering just beyond my physical touch, so distant yet very real and critically important to my life today.

And what of that old friend Sorrow, never truly right here/right now yet never EVER very far away? Well today, she gently reminds me how grateful I am to be here this morning, alive and still sharing this life with all those who love me, love me, love them I say: Thanks and...I Love You.