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Sunday, August 7, 2011

FOG Descends (Around My Brain!)

Thick, pea soup type fog covers our wee corner of the earth this morning. That always makes being outside before dawn a bit more mysterious and in some odd way exciting. I don't know if I suspect distant figures in trench coats to appear in far corners of the golf course or what but fog always gets this writer's brain wheel's a-turning...

Well, leave it to me and my brilliant sense of timing to use a blog post title like: Family Weirdness Week the very same day a slew of family comes into town. But that isn't really the issue, noooo, of course it isn't..there is more! The real issue is during a family cook-out last night several members of my family that I see only once a year or so asked what I was "up to" these days and one thing leads to another...I give them the web address for Shell Shock. So their introduction to my blog is most likely a post entitled "Family Weirdness Week". Go is so typical of me, really...sometimes I still have to wonder about little, old ME....

That post in itself is quite positive actually and tells a story of fondness for family and change but I still have to chuckle how it all turns out. So new family readers...Welcome to MY nightmare folks!

I am off to an early start this morning so I would suspect, my dear readers a post or two later in the day...TaTaa!