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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A New Journey Begins...

After several days of sticking to the theme of my Christian Conversion, it's affect of my life today, my reluctance to discuss it publicly at first and the simple fact I am becoming more willing by the moment to say boldly that I am a Follower of Jesus is what it is. I simply cannot take responsibility for the thoughts, feelings and opinions of other people. If they are upset by my life today and the things that I have to say here on the SHOCK...don't read it.

I really hope it doesn't come to that. I sincerely believe that even if a person does not agree with my faith and beliefs that there is still enough value and helpful, insightful, maybe even interesting and witty information here to still make Shell Shock worthwhile reading. Yes the blog is still about the daily life of a person who is living in recovery one day at a time, who has now been sober for over 5 years.

The subject of spirituality is a critical one for a person trying to overcome demons such as drug and alcohol addiction, plus a very harrowing suicide attempt and sexual assault/abuse as a boy. But spiritual matters are not the only factor here...So there will hopefully be some humorous antidotes and other informative illustrations plus my general everyday insanity that should keep the blog fresh and interesting on a daily basis.

So life goes on and on. One main difference i notice today is that i actually look forward to things happening in the future. A new volunteer experience, a trip out of town, visitors and activities that are going on. This is definately a departure from my old way of looking at things and DREADING the future!

Today is an errand day for K and I. She is looking for work in the area, preparing for the possibility of landing in the area as a full time resident. So she has an interview today and one tomorrow morning before she leaves. So it is a "Nuts and Bolts" kind of day.

I sit back for a second here and I have to smile at the notion of me looking hopefully toward the future. Still unsure, of course by what may lie in store for us but I am willing to move forward as I Follow HIM. And that prospect of heading into the future with so much uncertainty, requiring pure faith does not discourage or intimidate me in the least. I'm actually excited by the prospect of finding our way as we go...trusting in Him to guide us along this new, unbroken path where no man has ever gone.

So let's get going, eh? You my dear Reader are more then welcome to tag along so hold on tight....