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Friday, August 12, 2011

A Pretty Good Start (for 4am!)

These days, it's kind of neat when family comes for a visit...I really enjoy it. These past two weekends have been somewhat unique because we are basically having two "mini" family reunions in a row. We have some family that have rented a cottage on the other side of the island then we have had guests stay here. This weekend includes at least 2 get togethers: brunch here at our place on Saturday at 11a and a cook out Saturday night.

What I find ironic if not laughable is how much I have enjoyed these times together. I was never big on social events, even when my kids were young and we were all here. It interfered with MY LIFE the way I wanted to live it. That has of course changed now and I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I now realize how fleeting life can an instant, it can disappear.

I wasn't a very tolerant person, I let my petty annoyances get in the way of seeing people for what they really are and enjoying their company. I missed MANY opportunities to build relationships because of my intolerance...funny because I always thought I was this big hearted, open-minded guy (albeit a bit on the sarcastic humor side of things!) who embraced people for who they were. Nope, I was closed minded, judgemental and basically a jerk...That is one of the biggest and most important lessons I've learned: Just because a person is different fro the way I am or the way I THINK they should be, I need to accept them for who they are...

K-Sue arrived at 4 am and I am so happy she is here to share this weekend with us. That is another reason I feel good about this weekend...she is finally getting to being included in events like these plus it's a huge help to my mother who really enjoys her company. I think she like having the help (of course) but also someone to talk to I hadn't always been fair to her on this account...but now that I have changed my view point and accepted her the way she is, our relationship has really grown.

I don't believe either one of us has any regrets for keeping our relationship one of friendship for the last 5 years. We both had some growing and some healing to do. I for one had MAJOR changes to make in my own life plus some major healing as well. We have really benefited by not jumping in head first and taking out time. I have not posted about our relationship in detail and it is interesting enough of a story to warrant it's own post so I will hold back any more information and perhaps post on that subject later today/this weekend.

Well considering I started this post at 4a, I've actually managed to keep this fairly coherent and readable, a remarkable feat considering this is about the 4th day in a row where I have basically not slept at night more then an hour, maybe two at most. I adapt to this crazy kind of living pretty naturally, I think all the crazy hours in the factory all those years contributed to basic flexibility.

Well we are headed out side in a minute to get some exercise so I am going to close for now. I really enjoy looking at life the way i do today, with positive anticipation instead of complete dread like I did in the past. This is most enjoyable and even exciting and we'll keep updating through-out the weekend....