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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Weirdness Week

Davis/Correll Family Reunion (Weirdness) Week begins today here on Iyopawa Island...and I actually mean that in the most positive possible way. Seriously, I really do...Yet it is a given when extended family gets together there is always something going on...someone isn't happy, another feels put out, misunderstandings, etc. Or you get a chance to catch up with that cousin that always annoying you only to find out they are pretty cool after just never know what you'll get when you throw a bunch of family together.

For the next week, some relatives from my father's side of the family are renting a cottage on the other side of the island. They'll have a steady stream of visitors each day and I've always kind of enjoyed these things. Up until this year my Aunt (Dad's sister) did this but she has passed on the torch to some cousins because it got to be a bit too much for them to do. It's always kind of sad when the torch is passed like that but the positive thing is the TORCH got passed! Often times these kind of traditions peter out when one group stops organizing it.

Back during my drinking and drugging days, I kind of liked the notion of everyone getting together but the reality was that it interrupted my routine of getting plastered every night so I avoided it as much as I could. I am still not the "social butterfly" type of person but I have really enjoyed these family get-togethers much more then I expected to...

Today and next Saturday our household (my parents and I) are hosting a cook-out/cocktail party type thing which is always a trip for a recovering alcoholic to be around. A great deal of my family know that I don't drink anymore but very few know the details. So they don't pester me much about drinking and I usually stay busy grilling and in my role as a host so it never is a problem being around it.

That was NOT the case when I first got sober. I just couldn't handle being around people launched a major craving for beer and vodka every time I was near it. Plus I was socially very withdrawn and was hard to be around a crowd of people and nearly impossible to make small talk. Thank goodness I got more comfortable with it over time.

I still am not the greatest at making "light" conversation or small talk...I tend to still focus a bit much on the serious and am trying to loosen and lighten up some. I will just blurt something out about being an addict and how now in recovery it feels good not to want to kill myself every day...Not really the friendly, safe, light-hearted banter for a family gathering, eh?! As I mentioned...I've gotten a bit more comfortable in my own skin.

So for the next 7 days or so this blog will probably have some updates and observations from the family front. It is also the first time K-Sue will be here during a major family reunion. That's very cool...the SECRET, still being a secret is still intact but they better get used to K being around. Enough said...

So tonight, I fire up the grill for Brats and kind of looks like rain but we shall see!