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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hold On Tight, Babe!

I have exactly 5 minutes total to write this post...I'm not kidding. Family Reunion Saturday part II. For the second Saturday in a row we are hosting a get together at our place for members of my dad's family who are staying across the island at a rental. We have company here as well and K-Sue.

I head up and help a buddy on Saturday Mornings then at 9a I'm back over at the local nursing home where I read the Bible to residents for an hour. Trust me, I never would have believed it if someone said that I would be ready the BIBLE to people for an hour each week. That experience has taken me WAAAYYY out of my comfort zone but in all honesty...I really enjoy it.

OK the clock is running so I gotta go. I hope to post later but the guest arrive at 11a and some could be here all day. At least until evening when we have dinner across the island....