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Monday, August 1, 2011

Hell Hound-Revisited (G.P.)

Interestingly but not surprisingly I had a friend dispute my take on the "Hell Hound" I wrote about in this morning's post. I didn't save the text of course but his point (if I don't remember this correctly, he'll let me know and there will probably be a third post about this subject, haha!) was that it wasn't really the Hell Hound on my trail that died (it's still there waiting to pounce at any time I revert back to my old way of thinking, feeling and living) It was me, the "old" Thom who did the dying.

And I do see the point...that person, the one who lived in fear, constantly running from demons, real and imagined died when I accepted a new life in Jesus Christ. That is really true and I won't deny or downplay the significance of that. But I will readily admit that I am a new enough Christian that it still can make me hesitant to "shout out" to the world my beliefs. I think I'm still holding on to some old prejudices, stereotypes and yea, fears that doing so will drive readers away.,...that they won't really want to here about this GOD STUFF again!

But this blog is about my life, the life found in recovery and I am being less then honest and forthcoming if I hold back on discussing the significance of my conversion to the Christian Faith.

And truth be told, the day I accepted the Lord and then was baptised I did DIE, right then and there only to be born again one in one with Christ. It is what it is...That is what has happened, I am extremely happy about it but I'm under no illusions of some super cushy "happy all the time life" because it isn't going to happen. My beliefs lead me TOWARD pain and heartbreak, to help people who are hurting in this world...NOT away from it. And I accept that with all my heart. It is the choice I made when I became a FOLLOWER...

So I will concede the point...the Hell Hound, the awful pain and suffering of life is still alive and well in this world. It's just that he he no longer lives IN ME. I belong to GOD!