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Monday, April 25, 2011

Another Day Closer

Well, I would have to say that was a fairly good way to pass another day on the planet. It was productive, I achieved what I needed to achieve and didn't get wiped out in any form or fashion in the process. I learned a few things, I really made an effort at listening though I have work to do in that particular area but I'm trying. I listened hard for what God was whispering to me, often times through the voices of others...that was THE profound discovery for me...That HE is talking through others.

And I think I'm starting to get it. Sometimes stuff like that takes me awhile but I'm am really tuned in, all my senses locked in on experiencing HIM. And it's been a cool experience for me so I'll just keep moving towards him in everything that I do.

It has been a productive day...things went well enough physically that I could get the things accomplished that I needed to and still felt OK. Anyway I'm another day closer to Surgery Day and that has been the true goal all along, to get the surgery complete....Thats about all tonight, I'm really tired so I'm calling it a day..


  1. Surgery day will be here before you know it. You will make it!

  2. Thanks Shelby, I'm hanging in there!