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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's All Good

A really good day is now coming to an end. I finally am home and had a chance to get caught up on stuff here. It was a rather mellow day until dinner time when we hit the Wild Game Dinner at the Dearth Center at the Branch County Fairgrounds.

A great spread, the food was plentiful and was all very good. Buckets of fried Bluegill on every table in addition to countless dishes ranging from Backed Rabbit, various Venison dishes to Bison, Salmon then pork, roast, etc. Once again the endless 2 tables of pie slices was evident and again they magically filled up once they were depleted! A really good small town get together with a crowd of several hundred participants...

Steve Chapman is a wonderful storyteller and that is the way his performances come across...just a buddy playing his guitar, showing a few Home Videos and sharing stories.I really enjoyed it but there would have been a time not long ago when I would have hated it and walked out. because he talked about God...last year I attended and it was a different guest speaker. I thought it was OK but I left during the middle of the speaker.

Today was a different story. It was the first time that I was in a place here there was a large group of my friends in recovery plus a large group of friends from my church. It was interesting for me because those groups are not necessarily together, nope they are separate and really don't mix though like me, there is some crossover.

I had a great many people come up and say hello. It really made me feel good...most folks had not seen me since I got back from Minni. and everyone was so kind and concerned...I really do have amazing friends!

So it was a great day to be around and alive. The Chapman's: Steve and Annie are going to conduct the service tomorrow at church so they'll be some more good music and humor as well as good storytelling. That should be fun as well...

It was so good to see everyone tonight and know that all is well with the world. I did try to watch some of the Final Four but the Butler/VCU game was already over by the time I got home and I'm not that enamored by Kentucky/UConn though I really want the Huskies to whoop on the Wild Cats. I would really like to see Butler win the title but they are going to struggle against either one of these two teams playing at the moment. But still Go Bulldogs!

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