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Saturday, April 23, 2011


Some times the anger really gets a hold of me. I am so frustrated right now, I feel so helpless. But that is just part of being ill and I know that there is a plan for me so I just need to hang in there and stay positive. But KNOWING and DOING are two totally different things!

I wanted to represent how sick and powerless I feel here on SSS. The isolation, the loneliness I can feel, how it really can play tricks with your mind. You start to wonder if there really be something wrong in your head because you feel like it isn't good to feel the way you do. It feels like a failure of sort...

OK feeling sorry for oneself is not a good thing and I have learned that lesson on more then one occasion and each time it was memorable so I shouldn't have found it necessary to repeat the lesson several times yet I did. I sure hope I got it this time...

I may have to consider giving up posting on this blog, this is the second time I have been writing when an attack has come on and I just want to scream! This is getting old...

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