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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Interesting Stuff From MAYO

I have a bit of down time before I can go sit on the "wait list" at my last appointment. It is scheduled for 2:45p CT but I can go at 11:30a and check in. If they can fit you in early, they will. It isn't a big deal to wait because that is all I have left to do here so the earlier I can get in to see the Doc, the earlier we can leave for home. They have a system set up for "Waits' so it's kind of cool.

The Doc I'm see had 3 introduction appointments this morning so there was no chance for a wait. But they are really helpful so she told us that after 11:30 it would be worthwhile to come so I'll follow her advice.

The meeting this morning was enlightening and did explain some things. The acid from from Stomach as a result of The Barrett's Esophagus Disease was leaking into my Lungs. This is the reason I was getting Pneumonia frequently (3 times in 15 months)and it is also rather serious if it isn't stopped.

So the surgery I was planning on my stomach just became urgent so I won't delay any further on that. I'm scheduled this Monday to see the Surgeon to schedule so that's cool. The "Tumor" the found is scar tissue, not a great thing but not serious or a problem so no tumor, no Cancer...that's big.

The fatigue, sweats, labored breathing I've experienced are all being attributed to the Barrett's and the Stomach Acid in the Lung. All things I had NOT heard before.

This afternoon I meet the Doc in charge of my case to find out the rest of the test info (Colonoscopy, Cat Scans, etc)and see if there is anything else. Then head for home....

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