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Monday, April 11, 2011

On The Road Again...

Yep...I have Willie Nelson and his signature song playing over and over in my head. And we are on the road to Inni and MAYO again.

We hit the road at 3a and just switched driverd 15...hence the fact that I can blog and get the goofy pic of K-Sue.
We should be there a little past 11a their time..I'm finally beginning to lighten up about goin back again. Stiill its a hassle but wil be more then worthwhile if we get some good information. I just want to move forward and have something to shoot for as a goal.

Right now my goal 8is more immediate...a NAP!


  1. love road trips - or any trip over three hours in a car...plenty of cool (and funny) stuff to photograph

    safe travels

  2. You have holes in your socks. Safe travels and I hope you get answers! <3