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Sunday, April 24, 2011

What's Up, Father Time?

Evening has come and the day is winding down. Today has been one of those kinds of days that leave me feeling less then satisfied. I endured it, I made it through but I let my being sick, my illness call the shots for me today and I then reacted to it. Like leaving church early, spending most of a nice day in bed...those are the kinds of things i'm reffering to.

Honestly I didn't have any real choice. When your sick, you do what you have to do but when you have been ill for awhile you typically try and live trough the inconvenient parts and trudge on. You get used to doing stuff while feeling lousy all the time. But there are days when it's to difficult to do that and today was one of those. I'm not going to go into detail, I have already written enough on the negative side. Let's just say it my day was really unpleasant but I'm happy to be alive...

But my ego doesn't like to give in and let the illness have one of my precious feels like a defeat! I know, thats kind of ridiculous to some people but it is the way I feel sometimes. Because of my past, I have really come to appreciate each and every day on the planet. When the day is gone, you can't ever get it's gone forever! And that bugs me, I don't like wasting 'em, as it were.

I have a few more days until I have surgery but I won't lie, I am really looking forward to getting it done. I'm ready for some relief. I know that no procedure is perfect and also that some don't end up getting the result that you expect but you don't know any of that until you get there.

So Father Time, lets get busy Bro, lets speed things up a bit. Hey I'll make you a deal, lets just skip the nights, huh? Sound good? Because the nights really blow for me so I won't really miss 'em if we skip through them. That will cut down on my waiting time... OK, not realistic is it? Alright it was worth a try...

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