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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Gratitude and 1986

I got home from a study group at church about an hour and a half ago...I'm not feeling well at all today but I really wanted to go and thank everyone there for their prayers and kind thoughts. It has made a difference, just knowing that people are thinking of me. That trips me out because I was always this loner who needed no one but inside I really did. And there wasn't anyone there because I'd shoved 'em all away and basically sh*t on them to show my gratitude for their friendship...

I was a selfish, heartless bastard and in the end I paid for it. I was reaping what I'd sowed...And then today, this day I have folks I didn't even know 3 short months ago praying for me everyday...I don't give a rat's Arse what you believe or don't believe...there is a lot of power in that...and I'm humbled by their thoughtfulness and devotion to GOD.

I do not deserve any of this...that is a fact. By the Grace of God I'm here today and all I can do or say to account for that is stand here and say that God is Great.

Talk about flipping my own self out...I sat down here to write a post about the 1986 Masters Tournament that Jack Nicklaus won. I just watched a special that ESPN showed earlier this evening that I DVR'd while at church. That was such an inspiring event and yes, I watched it live though I didn't watch it with my dad like everyone from Tiger Woods to Ernie Els did!

For some reason, as far back as I can remember I have always watched golf and especially the Masters on TV. Long before I really became interested in the sport.

Another strange irony of my life...I spent Summers here at the lake, staying in my grandparents cottage before my folks inherited it and built their retirement home here. My best buddy here on the island, well his family owned the golf course at that time and he and I worked on the course. I could have played as much golf, whenever I wanted but at that time, though we played some...we'd rather smoke pot. So we smoked pot instead of golfing.

Now when I love golf and but with my physical limitations it's difficult and I can only play a little at a time. And then only with a cart...Ironic, eh?! I live on a Golf Course and I can only play in a limited way...I think there is a lesson to be learned there but hey, I'm too tired to fetch it so I'll let others figure it out for themselves....

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