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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

THORMOO Sings The Blues

I have a rather interesting experience to share tonight. Periodically I have mentioned some of the other blogs I read, there being several that I regularly check out and look forward to.

One of those blogs I really like is called: Sunny Sings the Blues. Sunny (not her real name) writes about her grief from losing her young husband from sudden heart failure while he was out for a jog. Oh and this occurred very shortly after she had discovered that he was having an affair with another woman. She was preparing to divorce him when he died. So in addition to losing a husband she thought she loved, his untimely death prevented her from getting any honest answers as to why he was unfaithful and has kept her from getting any real closure to this terrible tragedy in her life.

It is an incredibly poignant, heart wrenching and refreshingly honest take on what that experience has been like and how she has coped with her grief and life as a brand new widow. I highly recommend this blog.

Sunny has also been a great supporter of Shell Shock Serenade and has been a regular reader and commentator for quite some time. She has often offered encouragement and I have been quite flattered by her generosity and kind words. Tonight she has done something a little different on Sunny Sings The Blues: She had a guest write a post for tonight's entry. And that guest would just happen to be me.

So tonight on Sunny Sings The Blues you can read this post from yours truly. It is a rather long and somewhat scattered post generally giving the background to how Shell Shock Serenade and my writing it came to be. Unfortunately I've noticed a few typos but other then that it is pretty typical post me.

I really appreciate Sunny's willingness to allow a fellow Blogger to post on her site. Sunny Sings is one of the best blogs out there in this genre of Coping Memoir/Auto-Biography, in my humble opinion it IS the best. It is extremely well written in addition to covering a subject that is quite frankly incredibly difficult to fathom and terribly traumatic as well. Sunny Sings has a large and loyal following as a result and I am incredibly flattered and humbled that she would ask me to guest on her site this evening....THANK YOU Sunny!


  1. Her blog sounds intriguing! UGH I wish I could not work and just read and write blogs all day!

  2. Thanks for your generosity! You are brave. Not many people are willing to talk about the stuff that isnt pretty. That's okay. The people who need it will see it.

  3. Just letting you know that the linky thing to your post at Sunny's blog doesn't seem to be working.