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Thursday, April 7, 2011


Why Do I Do This Stuff?
I am feeling troubled this evening...Oh, perhaps unsettled would be more like it. As many know I have to go back early next week to Minni and the MAYO Clinic. Well I've done something to my laptop and after several hours I have a screen showing now but no ability to connect to the Internet. I dread the notion of going away with out my laptop and it's not what you think...

I can surf the web on my PDA so it's not a case of just being without the I-Net for a few days. What I can't do is financial stuff I need to do to keep on top of my trip and expenses, etc. So I have to take the thing in to the computer guy tomorrow, Big ED and hope I haven't done any unfixable or expensive damage. I thought I had it fixed when everything came back after I ran System Restore but now I have no ability to connect to the Internet and I'm all out of answers so I'm stressed.

Oh well, it's always something isn't it?! I can't leave well enough alone so i try to run a program to clean out any Malware, etc and it basically eats up some necessary stuff to start the computer. I recover that and now no Network Connect ability...

Well if there was any question at all,I am not computer savvy, thats for sure...i can surf, type, blog but not tinker without asking for trouble and certainly not fix...ACH!

Alright, the moan and groan session is least i have a home computer to use before I leave and maybe it will be an easy and cheap fix for BE tomorrow....we'll see.

had a good chat today with a good friend and I feel pretty good about that. I think I may just post on that in a bit instead of attaching it to this mess....

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