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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

MAYO Clinic Mania

It seems like all these posts from Rochester/MAYO are just short, little snippets because I'm fitting them in while I wait.

Yesterday started off really well and then kind of hit the skids later in the day. My meeting with the doctor of neurology really didn't go well. I'm not going to detail it here but lets just say it was the first time at MAYO that I felt less then human because of the way I was treated. I had gotten used to doctors here being stoic but kind and professinal. This guy treated me as an was a disapointment.

Then when that was over, we got checked in and I dropped a zippered sweater jacket by KUHL that was imported from Scandinavia and a gift in the hallway. I didn't realize it until later and when I went looking for it, it wasn't there. Nobody has turned it in so I guess they needed it more then me but that jacket was really sentimental so it just sealed the deal on a crappy afternoon. We ate, I laid down at 6:30p and slept on/off the rest of the night...sort of.

So here I sit waiting for the first of 2 appointments's gotta go better, right?!

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